Our Century

Street Party in Heath Street

Daisy Bubb, Kingswinford
Born 1910

Daisy Bubb

Kingswinford poet Daisy Bubb's 1945 her poem to mark the end of the Second World Warwas circulated throughout the district.

Victory Celebrations

We've praised the British Forces
For all that they have done, United with the Nations
This horrid war they've won.
But midst the great rejoicing,
Of which we've seen a lot,
The gallant men of Heath Street
Must never be forgot.

We've heard of Churchill's doings,
What Attlee's going to do.
But the working men of Heath Street
Are working now for you.
For Saturday is our Day
At Heath Street, and you'll see
That folk turn out in numbers,
And full of mirth and glee.

The old will be remembered,
Also the tiny tots,
And sweethearts, married couples,
Will join in with the lot.
Each one will sit contented
To have a splendid tea.
The tea will not be rationed! !
You can have one, two or three.

Now all this fun and pleasure
Isn't earned by sitting down,
Or by election voting,
And shouting round the town.
But by two men of Heath Street
Who, in a quiet way,
Have strived (along with others)
To give us folks a Day.

A day of celebrating.
To Mr Clift, our thanks,
And also Mr Appleby,
Who joined him in the ranks.
These men have earned the praises
Of many in the street.
To them we'll pay a tribute
In smiles when next we meet.

So thank you, gallant Air Force,
And men on Land and Sea,
And thank you, men of Heath Street,
For working for our "Spree."
And thanks to everybody
Who's helped in any way.
May Heaven bless the Weather,
And send a sunny day.