Our Century

Memories of Bilston High School

Dorothy Reynolds, Cannock,
Born 1922

Dorothy Reynolds

"On a very misty morning of September 1927, I was taken by my mother to start school at the Tin School at Ettingshall, so-called, because it was built with corrugated sheeting.

"Apart from lessons and sport we were taught country dancing by Miss Richardson and the highlight of the year was May Day. The Queen was crowned surrounded by all her courtiers, all dressed in white.

"Mr Gregg was the then headmaster. Then on a fine sunny day in the summer of 1934 there was great excitement at the Tin School. Two of its pupils, myself and a boy, Derrick Durant, were awarded county scholarship places to Bilston Girls High School and Wolverhampton Boys' Grammar School. This had not happened apparently for a number of years.

"I shall never forget my mother and I walking down the drive of this wonderful new school, tennis courts on the left and playing fields on the right, into this marvellous building where the wonderful Miss Dawson, headmistress, awaited us for an interview with regard to uniform, rules etc.

"The length of our tunics were very important, we were measured from the shoulder, we had to kneel down and the length was to where the tape measure touched the backs of our knees.

"I will never forget the very strict but very kind Miss Dawson, school assembly every morning, singing and prayers.

The scripture lessons she gave us with kindly advice and love, I'm sure, in our adolescent years.

"Those were the days."