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An innocent victim of the war on scroungers'

Malcolm Davis
Born 1943

Malcolm Davis

"Just over five years ago, I had to give up my job as a road-haulier employing 30 people because of ill health.

"I watch TV to pass the time, but I'm in such pain that I either have to stand up or lie down to do so.

"At my age and in my condition the chances of getting any worthwhile employment are virtually nil. I have no choice but to rely on social security benefits which just about get me through the week.

"In February I was visited by a Benefits Agency doctor. He treated me as if he was determined to find that I was not really as ill as I said I was.

"A few weeks later I got a letter telling me that my benefits would be cut by 50 a week. I don't know how I am going to cope.

"My expenses are crippling. I already end up with nothing in my pocket at the end of each week. The first time they wanted me to see a doctor in over 12 months was to reduce my benefit.

"I ran 23 artics at one time and employed 30 people. I have been in a situation where money wasn't a problem to me and because of my illness I not only lost everything but was declared bankrupt.

"I can't afford to heat the place so it's a matter of going to bed early or walking around in an overcoat. Something will have to go.

"I have contributed all my working life to the welfare state, and I'm not getting the support now when I need it.

"Everyone who visits you makes you feel that you are a scrounger."