Our Century

1900 Surprise death of town's mayor
1901 Black Country mourns the Queen
1902 Duke opens West Park Exhibition
1903 A church spire in Queen Street
1904 'Cure' for cancer discovered!
1905 Houdini accepts the challenge
1906 Centenarian 'remarkable woman'
1907 Diptheria strikes Staffordshire village
1908 Wolves bring home the FA Cup
1909 Strange disappearance of socialite
1910 Those magnificent men . . .
1911 Woman stole shoes to buy bread
1912 The 'unsinkable' sinks
1913 Two bob from Crimean angel
1914 Hardships at outbreak of war
1915 Triple drowning tragedy at Netherton
1916 Mayoress dies in Zeppelin raid
1917 Soldiers face death from the skies
1918 Celebrations in the street
1919 'Grave effects' of rail strike
1920 Scouts rally for the chief
1921 Boy killed while digging for coal
1922 Blast kills 19 Dudley girls
1923 Father's rescue effort in vain
1924 Prime Minister's local campaign