Our Century

1976 Jail for killer Neilson
1977 Street parties for the Queen
1978 Newsboy Carl murdered
1979 Hard man Edwardes wins out
1980 Gardener finds boy dead
1981 Streets on fire in July violence
1982 Bomb blasts water company headquarters
1983 A year of fierce storms
1984 All aboard - it's the supertram
1985 Stafford hospital death toll reaches 33
1986 Big shake-up at Saddlers
1987 Police reveal a huge armory
1988 Killer please for "justice"
1989 Nine go in corruption inquiry
1990 IRA gun attack on ex Governor
1991 Birmingham Six go free
1992 Stephanie's eight-day kidnap ordeal
1993 Town's abortion shock
1994 Anger over D-Day snub
1995 Fred West hangs himself in jail
1996 Machete horror at school
1997 Royal visit starts with a crash
1998 World leaders at Weston Park
1999 At last - Metro is right on track
2000 Lets learn the lessons